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Exceptional surroundings... and marvellousely secret

Beside the famous beauty of the landscape, the singularity of the Domaine de l’Argentière is its situation: a secluded place but easy to reach. A secret shared with people having been informed by friends and looking for us on the map…or who were lost !

Curled into the creek at the end of a quiet road, the Domaine de l’Argentière is far from the main traffic and other kind of trouble, however near everything.
La Londe Les Maures
Few people at the beaches, clear water, heavenly unknown by the crowd, peacefulness, a place like in your dreams within protected nature… This is the unique character of the   Domaine de l’Argentière. A promise always kept.

At 10 m from the beach (for the Villa Ensoleillade) and 250 m (for the Argentière-Club), the Domaine de l’Argentière opens a beautiful view towards the South : the Golden Islands Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant. At the bottom of the Massif Maures and its nature reserve, it is in front of the sea but surrounded by nature.

The Coastal Path
The beaches, the islands and Brégançon within reach

The Coastal Path along the Domain will guide you eastwards during a couple of hours walking along the seaside to the FORT BREGANÇON (summer residence of the French President), beaches are succeeding small roads without any houses built. The environment and under water life are particularly rich.

Westwards, always walking along the sea, you’ll reach within 15 minutes the shuttle service to the islands.

Harbour Life
A few minutes' walk along the sea

When walking along the sea, you are only a few minutes from the Harbor and its activities. The restaurants, bars and small roads invite you to stroll as you feel.

A small shopping centre very near to the Domain, allows you to buy everything you need (from april to september). It’s not necessary to drive.

you will enjoy :

  • A small shopping center nearby (from april to september)
  • Little frequented beaches, clear waters
  • The very near Golden Islands Porquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant
  • The Massif  Maures and its Natural Park
  • The Coastal Path and its hours of walking along the beach
  • The harbor and its animations a few minutes away
  • A protected nature
Small shopping center
      right by the domain
Hiking Trails
       available at the reception